Eyemouth and it’s surrounding villages in old photographs

Over the past three years people have been bringing in old photographs of Eyemouth and asking me to possibly produce a calender or a book of old photographs. The problem is it is such a minefield sorting out who’s copyright is who’s, although obviously some images here are too old to even worry about I do not wish to use anybody’s photographs illegally.

Therefore if anyone thinks I am using their image and they can prove ownership I will remove it, or if they dont mind I would give them a credit for use.

Some of these images I have cleaned and in time I will restore all the images I have been given if for no other reason but to archive a set of images for prosperity.

I will add more images to the blog whenever I can. If you have any images I could use please contact me.

Old Glass plate Image

Children playing somewhere near Swan Court

If anyone can recognize anyone in these images or has any information please let me know and I will add it to the relative images.

Church Street

I was really pleased when I got this image seeing as I live here.

Church Street 2

Old Eyemouth fisherman  “Auld Sands”

Harbour 1

Harbour 2

Harbour 3″
The house in the middle of the photo that connects the sole and the whale was demolished and when it fell into it’s cellars, they had to ship more rubble and soil in as it didn’t fill the hole it made… (smuggling at it’s best I would say). Courtsy of Elaine Peakman

Harbour 4

Eyemouth lifeboat man (who is he?)

Eyemouth fish market.

Gentleman in the blazer is James “Storey” Collin who was the harbour master at the time. He’s talking to George Craig

Does anyone know anything about this photograph? I have been told it is possibly St Abbs

Repairing a creel

High Street

Loading Herring

Meeks Yard

Packing the herring

Tar Castle

Walkers Store.

Apparently the sign was deliberate to gain attention to the shop. The young lass there is Kath Rosie who lives just along from there now. The photo is of Dundee House where Bing (WM Collin & son) has his electrician’s workshop.

Eyemouth flood 1948

Eyemouth Flood 1948

Eyemouth Flood

St Abbs Harbour

Gunsgreen House


Eyemouth Harbour

Eyemouth Harbour

Eyemouth Harbour

Eyemouth Harbour

At last a few more images, sorry its been a while.  I have been pretty busy with other projects and it does take a while to repair & clean all these images but I am getting there slowly but surely.

Three Fishermen Burnmouth

Bolinda Eyemouth

Burgons Ragtimers


 Eyemouth harbour re-build

Fisher Lassies

Lads learning to tie knots (Eyemout Harbour)

The ladies in the photo are left to right Lizbeth McCloud, Mag Gowdy, Maglyn Darnelle, Morag Scotts Grandmother (name unknown)  If they were still here they would be 120 ish…..

Eyemouth’s Blacksmith

William  Dougall was also known as Old Titivate

William Dougall

St Abbs Fisherman George Colvin

Eyemouth Station

Eyemouth Station

Eyemouth Station

Burnmouth Station

Burnmouth Station

Crabbers working Eyemouth Harbour

The  Man with the crabs in his hands
Is George Colvin

Old Burnmouth Fisherman

Burnmouth Fishing Family

Old Salts

St Ella’s Place

Chapel Street

Shop Ladies

Lady Cleaning

Burnmouth Harbour

Glass slide image of Burnmouth 1910 – 1912

Burnmouth in 1910 – 1912

Glass slide image of Coldingham in 1910

Glass slide image of St Abbs in 1910 – 1911

A glass slide image of Eyemouth harbour in 1910

Glass slide image of Eyemouth Harbour in 1910 showing the old lifeboat house

Glass slide image of the old mill in Eyemouth

Hand painted glass slide image of Eyemouth in 1910 – 1912

Old Eyemouth with Gunsgreen House in the background

Eyemouth harbour construction. (courtesy Elaine Peakman)

Eyemouth Harbour 1912

Netherbyres Nr Ayton 1910

Maggie Murphys House Nr Ayton

Who is this man?

Burnmouth Fisherman 10

Does anyone know who this is please?


Danny Stott & Jimmy Lough (Eyemouth)

Eyemouth Fish Market

Working on the Harbour

Concord Entering Eyemouth Harbour

Eyemouth harbour 10


Jimmy Dougall

Willie Spiers

Star Devine

Petticoe wick

Petticoe Wick

Please leave a comment especially if you have any information about these photographs and add me to your favourites. Thank you,  Kevin.


44 thoughts on “Eyemouth and it’s surrounding villages in old photographs

  1. Hi Kevin
    great photos , my grandmother Georgina was born in Eyemouth 1902 , her mother was Williamina Crombie born 1882 , her father was William Crombie of the vessel Florida lost in the disaster .
    Willamina and Georgina both worked as ‘lassies’ so it was great to see the photo’s , we have no photos of georgina as a young girl and none of Williamina , maybe someone has .

    Thanks again for the work you have done .



  2. Hi Kevin
    I have just read your blog which I found very interesting, some of the photo’s are of streets where my ancestors used to live and some of the responders to your blog gave names from their family history which are also part of my family history.
    My grandparents Andrew Donaldson Angus-Janet Johnston left Eyemouth in 1901
    Family history names, Angus, Johnston, Windram, Maltman, Chrystal, Crombie, Swanston, Donaldson, Imrie.

  3. GREAT PICTURES! Any information on Margaret Stott (nee Fraser) who was the innkeeper of the Whale between the 1840s and 1876 when she died. Her daughter Isabella Stott took over running the inn after she died.


  5. Absolutely wonderful photos. Have just read Children of the Sea by Peter Aitchison ( couldn`t put it down) these photos bring Old Eyemouth even more to life. I visited Eyemouth as a child not knowing that my Great x 3 Grandparents were Haimoothers. Thomas Davis Black, Carter of Eyemouth Mill and Jean Innes daughter of John Innes Principal Customs Officer, married 1822. I`m now researching them all. Is that the Mill in the glass image? If these photos become a book, add me to the list subscribers !

  6. These photos are fantastic!! coming to eyemouth tomorrow for the first time in 55 years. Used to come from Edinburgh for my holidays with the West Pilton Community Centre, stayed in dormatories of the old High School, next to where Eyemouth Utd played Spending two nights at the Homes Arms, before heading up on a road trip to the north of Scotland. Will love to see my old holiday haunts My name is Bob Copland, I now live in Bedworth, just north of Coventry.
    Would love to have a chat with anyone who was around then, 55 years ago!!! Happy to buy then a drink !!!
    contact No 07749991874

  7. Hi, I’m looking for photos of yawls built by Weatherhead, skippered by the owner of my current house in Cellardyke, Janes BK340 lost with all crew (I have all names) and skipper Andrew Henderson when she hauled up a mine with her nets 11.5 miles SE of St Abbs 14/08/1917. She was 12 Tons so I’m guessing about 40ft and her replacement that was being built Janes II BK 390 that skipper Henderson was due to take up within weeks of his death. I’ve had a scan through your photos on this site but cant make out numbers.. If you know you have any images, that would be fantastic, cheers

  8. Hi. I am a great great grand daughter of William Maltman and Annie Ross who married in Eyemouth in 1871. William was lost in the Eyemouth fishing disaster in 1881 on the Guiding Star. Family then moved to Fraserburgh Aberdeenshire
    . Would love any info on the family. Sylvia Harper

      • Hi. I have only just checked this site and found your reply. So glad you took the trouble to respond. My husband and i came down to Eyemouth and met with the geneologist of the museum there who helped me with my trace. If i am on tbe right track, i have managed to go back to early 1700s. It would be good to know where your link in the chain is. My link is william Maltman (my great great grandfather) who married Annie Ross – David Maltman-(my great grandfather) margaret maltman (my grandmother) -Sena Murison – ( my mother) any information would be most appreciated.

      • Hi Sylvia, if you can send me your e-mail address & I’ll give you what I have about the Maltman’s. Regards

  9. Was in Burnmouth this afternoon and now, at this rather late hour, getting round to finding out something of its history. Loved these old photos, so interesting and full of character.

  10. Great photos, thanks for showing them. My ancestors are from that area; Burgon/Affleck/Fleck/Cowe/Paterson/Robertson/Crombie/Whillus.

  11. My Uncle Willie is Willlie Spears, wonderful set of pictures, other relations were Dougall, Patterson, my family moved from Eyemouth to New Westminster in 1912 approx, many Eyemouth names also were in New Westminster BC Canada

  12. Bill Craig ex Ayton now living in Loanhead with my wife Margaret nee Spraggon Foulden on said:

    hi thanks for some great memories,but surely the eyemouth flood was in august 1948 and not 1946.regards Bill Craig

  13. Lovely set of photographs. I am particularly interested in any of Burnmouth as my Grandparents used to live there & I have spent many very happy holidays there, both as a child & more recently.
    If you’re interested, I have some old pictures of Burnmouth/Ross/Cowdrait, that may contain faces featured in your sets. Also some from the early 70’s.
    Regards Pete

  14. Kevin i believe you were looking for info on the Craig family who had the old bakery. I’m not sure if i can get my hands on any images for you, but i will try. I am a relation of the family infact they were my Great Aunt and Uncle. I spent many a summer holiday in the property, which by then was just a residence lived in by my Great Aunt. It always fascinated me. Sadly it is as i believe,after checking out google earth, now turned into apartments. I will get back to you if i find any photos.

  15. The photos are lovely and give me an insight into Eyemouth from my ancestors’ eyes. My great grandfather (William Nisbet) was born in Eyemouth and with his wife Elizabeth (nee Patterson) and their children moved to the North east of England where my Granda was born. He appears to have left South Shields sometime after 1911 as he appears on the census for that year in South Shields. His will details are given as 13 Church Street, Eyemouth in 1941 and one of the witnesses was George Burgon McLean, a carter of the same address.

  16. Brilliant stuff. The one of St Ellas place though.. are you sure? The building to the left looks like Invereye and the building in the foreground looks as though it has the whale behind it. could be very wrong though!

  17. Thank you so much for these photographs. My great Grandfather was George Bone lost on the Myrtle along with his Son in the Great Disaster. I used to visit Eyemouth as a young child and there was an aunt Lebe who had a fish shop and also a fishing boat. I think it was called The Amelia.

    • The fishing boat Amelia was named after my mother, Amelia Kinnaird (maiden name) who spent her summer holidays in Eyemouth as a child in the 1930’s.

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  19. Love the photos. In was hoping to find some of the Craig family who owned a bakery and large walled garden house. Alas I did not. Jane.

  20. This is so great! To see Eyemouth as my Gran and her family before her would have seen it. Thank you so much for these wonderful photos. I especially like the Fish Lassies as my Great-Grandmother was one herself. She lived in Church Street too! I will be sure to send this address to all my family members.

  21. these pictures are fantastic again a bit before my time but i would love to learn more about them myself am sure lawson wood has a lot of info on old eyemouth he maybe one to contact

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